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Author Jessica Piro

(Pronounced: Pie-row)

Jessica is a multi-genre author for Adults and Young Adults. Her works can be found on Wattpad and Amazon.

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Dueling with Snakes

Book Three

If a phoenix’s fire is extinguished, it can’t burn.

Leila Wells couldn’t fight against the Phoenix any longer: Bryan Foster had to die. No more would perish by his hands. She returns to the Rulers of the Realms Fighting Tag Tournament with Dragunov by her side to kill him. The competition doesn’t matter, they

just want his blood.
Panordom tests them—and their dark sides—physically, mentally, and emotionally, with Foster present on the sidelines and when the former fling strains Leila and Dragunov’s love. Discovering Xander’s intention by using her to unleash an unworldly evil shifts their focus on solely getting vengeance. For everything to end, Leila confronts her most difficult decision ever.

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