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Author Jessica Piro

(Pronounced: Pie-row)

Jessica is a multi-genre author for Adults and Young Adults. Her works can be found on Wattpad, Amazon, and nearly everywhere else.

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The Tiger's Patience

Companion Short Story

Miguel Del Toro has struggled with the fact that Leila Wells said she doesn’t love him; her reaction to his kiss says otherwise. He knows exactly how he feels and will make her realize that she does love him. Along with his determination to prove his love to her is his guilt at not avenging Isabella.
The coming of the next tournament will provide his chance to accomplish both goals. Three years is a long time for him to be patient, but things look ready to test it.

See what transpired in Miguel’s life since the first tournament, and what goes through his head when he reunites with Leila Wells. Find out what else happens in Dueling with Snakes.

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